Media Research Find two current research studies (2014-present) on one of the following topics:* Media & the Environment* Social Media* Media & PoliticsFor example, here is a research study published in a scholarly journal: (Links to an external site.)Briefly discuss each study. Why were you interested in this area of study? Are the studies you found Effects Studies, Gratifications Studies, or other? What theories/concepts are discussed in the studies? If you were doing research in this area, what kind of research study would you conduct?Leave (Links to an external site.)in-text citations (Links to an external site.). At the end of your response leave anAPA style Reference Listof your two websites.Review the APA Style guidelines under Course Home. • EFFECTS STUDIES: studying the ways mass media affect how audiences think and behave; studying the impact and effects of media on society (Links to an external site.)• GRATIFICATION STUDIES: uses & gratifications studies; understanding why people actively seek out specific media outlets and content to satisfy needs (Links to an external site.)(450 minimum word count)place your word count in parenthesis at the end of your response – essay bishop anthropology papers help ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~