1- When we hearkenken “electronic bloom annals,” we frequently apprehend of Epic. While this EHR is on the inventory of the 10 most base electronic bloom annals platforms, there are bulky other EMR/EHRs on the “top 10” inventory. This enactment anddistillation obtain yield an turn to investigate undivided of the “top 10’s” and to divide our discoveries in a collaborative mode. Perhaps Johnson Medical Clinic obtain nonproduction to track the acquisition of undivided of these EMR/EHRs!  Instructions: Select undivided of the aftercited EMR/EHRs from the inventory. Investigate the company’s website and yield responses in tractate cemat to the aftercited:

  • Website URL
  • Describe the EMR/EHR.
  • Yield what you suppose to be the benefits as courteous as the challenges in using this EMR/EHR.
  • Yield undivided serviceable application portraiture of this EMR/EHR in your medical professional speciainventory role.
  • You tractate must be a partiality of undivided-page, only spaced, with 1″ margins. Portraiture 11 pt. Calibri font. 


  • Cerner EMR
  • GE Centricity EMR
  • Care Cloud EHR
  • Athenabloom EHR

Save your tractate and call it Your Last Call Electronic Bloom Annals Tractate (ce copy, Susan Smith’s rasp would be calld Smith Electronic Bloom Annals), Submit your tractate through this be-mixed. The grading rubric is established. An obsequious tractate earns 25 points.  

 2- Let’s divide our discoveries! Post to this blog a insignificant epitome encircling your assigned EMR/EHR. In attention, incude the URL ce your EMR/EHR. Next, corcorrespond to undivided (1) of your tabulate colleagues’ posts. The Wiki/Blog rubric is established. This collaboration distillation earns 15 points. 

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