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What is Medicine
It is defined as science of healing, diagnosis and also methods of promoting good health. Other commentators define it as a medication used to treat a certain disease. All the definitions converge at one common point of restoring good health to the suffering patients. Medicine has been in existence for quite long. It had philosophical and religious beliefs coupled together. Initially, the herb doctors could give you the medicine and proceed to pray for you. It was thought to be an art, but has evolved to a science. In the recent centuries, the field of medicine is viewed as an art and science. Although stitching could be a skill learnt over a period of time, the knowledge behind it comes from theoretical principles leaned in class.
Medical availability varies with the geographical location. For example, western countries have access to modern medicine as opposed to developing nations. Third world nations have little growth in technological development which impedes embracing current technology in medication. They rely on traditional medicines with limited efficacy. Moreover, traditional medicine lacks properly trained practitioners which expose the user to more dangers.
There exist various branches of medicine. Most physicians are trained in basic science. This level sets the basis of understanding important concepts covered in this field. Likewise, we have medical specialties. According to the subdivision, the individuals train to become experts in a certain field of medicine. Finally, we have interdisciplinary field where different specialties consolidate to perform various functions. All the three categories have subcategories. With changes in ways of diagnosing and treating diseases, it is expected that this field will tremendously change to conform to new inventions. Technology is significantly improving the way the field of medicine is applied in the hospital scenario. More accurate imaging instruments have been identified, filling the gap of inconsistency in medication.