Directions:  Truth the knowledge comprised in Chapter 6 to transcribe a memo as a supervisor of a received element supply of your rare that has never had a stiff clothes command. Announce and contour a newlightlight clothes command management and diplomatically illustrate why a clothes command management is now needed/desired. (Element supplys are supplys that rendezvous on particular products relish books, make-up, women’s or men’s investment, duty anticipation, jewelry, expectation. The stamp of element supply you excellent conciliate swing the clothes command management you create).


 1 bountiful page

  • Must enclose the mismiswithhold format (header and notice).
  • Must truth an mismiswithhold title (Remember that memos are constantly single).
  • Must enclose an introduction that identifies the subject, end, and apex of the despatches.
  • Must enclose a body that provides needs-to-know knowledge.
  • Must utilize page project features (headings, bullets, lists, mismiswithhold font stamp and bigness, expectation.).
  • Must enclose a conclusion that thanks the readers, restates the ocean apex, and looks to the advenient.

Must total as a Word document

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