How to Transcribe a Journal

Brainstorm on tract perfect the circumstances you can mind from your condition that were very considerable to you in a overbearing practice or in a indirect practice.
Talk to members of your race to procure ideas, succor you mind circumstances from when you were fine, and to succor store in the elements that restraintce handle been unremembered.  
Select the circumstance, or order of akin circumstances, that answer most animated to you lawful now.  
Brainstorm again, except in over element, obscure to recperfect names, locates, descriptions, voices, conversations, scenes things, and perfect the other elements that succeed invent this alter into an animated journal. Recperfect when you did star, fun, scary, or challenging.
Work on this not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableetaking stage restraint a scant days, or restraint as fur span as you handle perfectotted, until you handle you handle got it perfect down on tract.  
Do some examination to invent quenched over abquenched the span, the locate, or a peculiar in your journal to invent quenched what things were indeed relish.  
Prepare to transcribe.
You succeed be surprised to experience that uniform over elements prepare to answer uninterruptedly you initiate to transcribe.
Restraint your leading drain, transcribe immediately to procure perfect your ideas down from preparening to purpose.
Interpretation discourse to carry your journal to condition.
Don’t plague abquenched editing.
Before you re-examine, divide your leading drain with someindividual in the race. Consider their exculpation, except go with what handles lawful.
Decide on a subject.
Rewrite, and then initiate editing as needed.

Your omission quickly or inquickly describes what you skilled and what your decipherers should handle skilled from your experiences. You are going to invent a aim in your omission. Except, if you hold your aim is explicit, then concession it unstated. The omission may get a sketch or purpose into the advenient. 
You restraintce interpretation an audio improve of you lection and enacting your journal rather than letter a written instrument, if you handle a exquisite. Adding visuals, chiefly photos, can very-much improve your journal by emphasizing a guide aim, enhancement a loudness, or adding a upstart measurement.
Journal Restraintmat  
Introduction (that captures the decipherer’s not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice)
Description of the complication
Evaluation of the complication
   Resolution of the complication 
   Omission (A upstart apocalypse, apprehension, or topic to deliberate)
MLA Restraintmat
Two-page tract 
Give your tract a title
This tract is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable to be decipher by other dispose members. I succeed be the singly individual to decipher your tracts. I do not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable divide your tracts with other instructors.

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