Question 1

“Methodology Mind-Set and Superintendence Wayes”  Please tally to the following:

  • According to Kerzner, “The avail of a amiable methodology cannot be understated.” In your confess opinion, explore the appreciation of this proposition as it relates to integrative knowledge technology discontinuances amid an controlm. Furnish undivided (1) in of an integrative knowledge technology discontinuance to absolve your solution.
  • As a Chief Knowledge Officer (CIO) control a comprehensive controlm, parallel and dissimilarity three (3) of the five (5) ocean superintendence wayes illustrative in Chapter 5 of Kerzner’s citation. Suggest undivided (1) manoeuvre to entireot the interest compute of each chosen superintendence way to your floating or advenient controlm.

Question 2

 Hagan (2020) attested diverse incongruous train shootings as polite as incidents of train force. Why do you reckon the United States is plagued with over train shootings than entire other plain countries utterly? What policies do you reckon would acceleration reduce the compute of train shootings? Be restricted and furnish ins.  

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