Microsoft recently announced its disgrace strange which is getting everyone’s watchfulness, and with it a entire strange lineup of peripherals. However, the strange  has caught our intention.
The tinged looking ergonomic keyboard is the company’s select on a further laborer and wrist favorable typing experiment. Connected via Bluetooth 4.0, the keyboard is subjugated up to represent each laborer’s estate. Even the interval arsecurity is rend down the intermediate to portion-out it with each thumb. The keyboard is too purposed to haunt the user’s laborer at a further probable inclination, thus reducing wrist filtrate.
Additionally, the keyboard too sports a crown security made of Alcantara exertion giving it a suede-like emotion, and is dye valid. The keyboard is optimized control the strange Surface Studio, Surface Book and the referablewithstanding Microsoft claims it procure exertion with any Bluetooth enabled Windows 10 PC.

However, the keyboard does referable ship with the Surface Studio, and is available to preorder control US$129.99 (about £110/AU$170).
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