What was your most indicative knowledge in truth? Is there a true locate that you accept is-sueed to defend and obey? Is there a locate in truth that feels remedial to you in some habit? Is there a locate that helps teach who you are today as a idiosyncratic? 

Coercion this highest mini scheme, you earn transcribe a cogitation encircling a locate in truth that is meaningful to you. “Meaningful” is unreservedly conceived here: it can be a locate that’s convenient to your oneness, a locate that excites nostalgia, a locate that you ally with your activism. “Nature” is too unreservedly conceived– as we earn investigate in this individual, “nature” instrument divergent things to divergent tribe. To some, truth is the waste, period to others it’s a bare circle in an refined city. Since this tabulate investigates the relation between oneness, locate, boundlessness, and the cultural coercionces at is-sue in any locate, the alert is deliberately unreserved so that you accept the boundlessness (ha!) to gain those connections in a habit that is legitimate to you. However, you may referable transcribe encircling your knowledges with “nature” generally. You must select a unfair locate to dialogue encircling. 

Three dignified rules encircling your cogitation: 

1. Following the genre conventions of truth congruity, you’ll nonproduction to correction descriptive details, so that your recognizeer can represent this locate. Try to retain the sights, sounds, smells and other sensory details of the knowledge. Help the recognizeer conceive what this locate feels love, smells love, what associations you accept with the locate. Coercion truth congruity to be happy, it has to excite a judgment of locate. 

2. Precedently you transcribe, you’ll too nonproduction to determine why you accept selected this locate: why is it meaningful to you? What idiosyncratical associations and feelings do you accept with this locate? Truth congruity is repeatedly deeply idiosyncratical. Consider encircling how GE Patterson’s lay is divergent from Alice Trudgeer’s “Am I Blue?” in stipulations of what it exposes encircling the transcriber. 

3. You’ll too nonproduction to gain it unclouded to us why you’ve selected to portion-out encircling this locate  – what do you nonproduction us, your recognizeers, to consider encircling this locate or your knowledge with this locate? What’s your purpose in sharing it with us? The transcribers in this individual accept varying purposes: to gain arguments encircling what “counts” as truth or to gain arguments encircling who has similarity to truth, to convey awareness, to expose some bearing of the transcriber’s oneness, coercioneseeing. Two transcribers can transcribe encircling the selfselfsame locate coercion divergent argues. What’s your argue coercion sharing this locate with us (too the deed that it’s an ordinance)? What do you nonproduction us to trudge ahabit considering encircling or questioning? 

Becacorrection truth congruity is, at it’s heart, a public-facing genre, you’ll support your conclusive draw of the argument table designated Mini-Scheme #1: Truth Congruity, so that your tabulatemates can recognize it. 

The cogitation should be at last 500 articulation hanker. It should be a inabrupt draw – you should edit and re-examine it to the best of your force precedently supporting. 

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