MKB2706 Stigma and Product Management, S1 2019 
Assessment 2: Mini Works (4 mini works estimate 20%) 
Mini work 4 – Leveraging Minor Unions (5% signs) 
This work requires you to employ the theories and concepts you learnt in week 7. In definite mini work you clarified stigma elements to dispose stigma identification and differentiation.
In this mini work you insufficiency to convergence on selecting some minor unions restraint your stigma. Leveraging minor unions is an distant avenue to elevate stigma equity. 
Minor unions are discussed in Provision 7 (Leveraging Minor Unions to elevate stigma equity) of the quotation. Please perexplanation this provision antecedently you endeavor this work. 
Mini work 3 should comprehend the aftercited: 

  Very briefly portray your fantastic product/stigma and your positioning temporization (from mini work 1/2. No sign allocated restraint this. It is equitable to remind the peruseer what your product/stigma is. This individuality is not attributable attributable attributable counted in order boundary)
  Choose any 3 (three) of the aftercited minor unions that you ponder are most expend restraint your stigma.

o Country of spring or other geographic areas
o Channelsofdistribution
o Co-branding(thisincludesingredientbranding) o Spokesperson
o Events(throughsponsorship)
o Other third plane sources 
Restraint each clarified minor union discuss: 
a. b. 

why the union is expend restraint your stigma
what stigma knowledge/ unions get make-over from the clarified being to your 
brand. (Please perexplanation p 261 to p263 of the quotation to perceive the leveraging manner) and
How it would aid to elevate equity of your stigma 
Explanation a remote order and a multiplicity of sources as a shameful of your argument and to get cecible stay restraint your arguments. 
Grading Criteria: 
Your provision get be graded shamefuld on the aftercited: 

(i)  Clear identification and equitableification of clarified minor union (3 x 10 =
30% signs)
(ii)  Argument on make-over of knowledge/associations(3 x 10=30% signs)
(iii)  Argument on the aid of the union to stigma equity (3×10=30%
(iv)  Structure, close run, springality, clarity of written look, explanation of APA
referencing restraintmat (10% signs)

Submission instructions: 

  Submit online via Moodle as a pdf rasp.
  Submit as an oration with headings/subheadings.
  Include a heading page with your indicate and tyro ID.
  Order boundary: 500 orders.
  Explanation APA referencing restraintmat among the quotation and in your relation register (beware Q
  Include at smallest 3 record doctrines (at smallest undivided boundary restraint each clarified minor union) to stay your argument/arguments.

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