1.  Discuss which mould (natant the 4 moulds in the links adown) you deem is indisputable in a just and recent classroom/initiate matter and prepare examples (classroom, progeny, staff, textbooks). Which mould do you deem can be applied in a initiate matter and why? 

a. Medical Mould: http://ddsg.org.uk/taxi/medical-model.html 

b. Political Mould: http://ddsg.org.uk/taxi/social-model.html  ——  http://ukdhm.org/what-is-ukdhm/the-social-model/

c. Charity Mould: http://www.disabilityartsonline.org.uk/crippen-cartoon-blog?item=499

d. Human Rights Mould:  Recognizes the being of structural insight despite disentitle commonalty 

– Acknowledges the gregarious coercionce of disentitled commonalty 

– Determines that the agenda is coercionmal by disentitled commonalty and their allies 

– Recognizes synod as a basis coercion establishing the vision of the democratically enforceable rights of disentitled commonalty 

– Brings juridical countenance to submit-to upon any impress of disqualification insight (Johnstone, 2001,page 23) 

2.  As shortly as you perreason John’s name, reason the utter IFF prepared (attached) to demonstrate and represent John difficulties as presented and how they can be aid familiar. 

Descriptions coercion Task 2

John who is 6 years senile-antique is representd by his dowager as “driving me mad”. He is continually roving and does referable sit calm?} equal to observe stunning impression movies which he loves. He is the youngest of three progeny, born when his brace sisters were in their teens.”We hadn’t planned him”, his dowager says, “excepting we were blithesome when he came, specially when he acid extinguished to be a juvenility. My mate dotes on him. Excepting then he is always separate driving and doesn’t own to establish up with his clamor and his clumsiness 24 hours a day”. The origin subsist in a handy, three- bedroomed horeason in a pleasurable suburb of a slender town in the south of Scotland. The parents twain grew up in the town , and their parents subsist nearby. Their daughters are twain now separate from residence most of the date, single in the guarded coercionces and the other at university. When they follow residence coercion a rare weeks at a date, they discover John’s comportment wearing and frustrating, and the father single is important of her parents coercion referable guiding him emend. In initiate John is continually in grief with his peers coercion obtrusive in their games. The professor comments that he seems to withdrawal the political skills to pass this practice extinguished of grief and that he does referable moderation any detriment excepting “somehow causes chaos wherever he is”. He is referable informed of how he is seen by others and “seems a successful branch with cheerful self-esteem”. However, he is inauguration to be informed that he is reversion aback in basic academic skills. His force is fragile, and he does referable show to own benefited from the initiate’s invariable training of literacy and numeracy. 

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