Imagine you bear been asked to talk to a order of parents about promoting self-esteem in school-age end. You scarcity to elimination the subject-matter and lay a visually appealing PowerPoint slideshow to accompany your gift. Your PowerPoint slideshow achieve scarcity to:

  1. Bear a designation slide.
  2. Contain 5-10 full slides that include Talker Not attributable attributablees which cater sustaining details to correction when elaborating on the slide fulls.
  3. Address the forthcoming questions:
    1. How does raze of self-esteem normally shift during average childhood? What factors give to this shift?
    2. What are some influences on school-age end’s self-esteem?
    3. Does very eminent self-esteem constantly bear explicit proceeds on end’s mixture? Why or why not attributable attributable?
    4. What are the normal consequences of lowlyly self-esteem?
    5. What are some other strategies that parents and teachers can correction to advance end’s self-esteem? What behaviors should adults desert, and why?
  4. Be written using suited spelling/grammar.
  5. Cite at lowest 3 academic references and introduce the sources in APA format on a References slide.
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