Instructions ce Virtual Lab: Record every observations and seize cloakshots of your effort.

Go to lab page:

  1. LeChatiler’s Principle
    1. Chemical Equilibrium Lab and Concept Trial (seize cloak shots of answers)
  2. Common Ion Result
    1. Solubility and Common Ion Result (seize cloak shots of answers)
  3. 3 lab questions
    1. Based on the colors of the reactants and results, which do you deem is in a remarkable concentration in the flask of 0.1M cobalt chloride?
    2. Describe what happens when you infer fast HCl to the flask of cobalt chloride. Did you infer a result or reactant when you infered the HCl?
    3. Describe what happens when you infer silver nitrate to the sky sky sky blue cobalt chloride elucidation. What does infering the silver nitrate do to the reaction?

Click on the opinion “Cobalt Lab” (on the equitable interest lawful overhead Effortbench 1), which gain excite clear-up the lab completion among this ordinance.

The lab gain interior on:

  • Predicting the result of removing Chloride Ions
  • Predicting the result of infering HCl
  • Determining if the reaction is endothermic or exothermic
  • Determining the fantastic K treasure at the fantastic temperature
  • Common Ion Result (trial does not attributable attributable attributable own to be seizen)
  • Answering the 3 lab questions

Submit a zip smooth of every cloakshots and answers ce this lab vital-force.

Ce protection preface a cloakshot, advert to the subjoined guide.

Ce protection zipping smooths simultaneously, advert to the subjoined guide.

Submit your completed ordinance by subjoined the directions link

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