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  1. View “John Snow’s Initiatory Map of the 1854 Cholera Extinguishedbreak” graciousness of the UCLA Department of Epidemiology. Alternatively, you can download “High Resolution Maps of John Snow” in PDF format. Just be assured that download times conquer be subject on your Internet unarm-an. Notice the locations of the inspire pumps and the estimate of cholera deaths to residents of the neighborhood (implied by the stacked sombre bars).
  2. Play with “John Snow’s Cholera Map of London Recreated” graciousness of The Guardian. This map was recreated using later Geographic Notification System (GIS) mapping technology and is interactive. You can zoom in and extinguished, pan about, and click on the pink dots to achieve details on the estimate of cholera deaths.
  3. Debate these maps with your assigned clump. Consider the similarities and differences in the methods used to constitute the initiatory and more later maps. You must provide at meanest undivided comprehensible clump argument column by Thursday at 11:59PM ET.
  4. Then, insinuate and debate added notification John Snow may own needed to congregate from the residents of the neighborhood in arrange to argue the Broad Street Pump was the beginning of the extinguishedbreak. Consider the completion whole of deposition that he may own needed to confer-upon to legislators in arrange to tolerate notorious sanity enjoyment. You must provide at meanest undivided added clump argument column by Sunday at 11:59PM ET.
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