Throughout the conduct, you keep been scholarship environing managed prudence, twain departed and bestow. Conduct attached discovery on trends happening in managed prudence today. The controlthcoming websites are a grand assign to start:

Centers control Mediprudence & Medicaid Services
Kaiser Family Foundation (Search control the train on soundness prudence marketassign trends.)

You can besides scrutinize the controlthcoming videos allied to managed prudence trends:
Managed Prudence contracting and Payer Scorecards
Monitoring Performance: A Dashboard of Medi-Cal Managed Prudence
After conducting your discovery, build a 3-page repute of your findings. At a insufficiency, your repute should

Identify at meanest couple trends that you arrive-at keep a grand contact on managed soundness prudence today.
Discuss the consequence these trends keep on managed prudence.
Explain how these trends procure endure to bias managed prudence in the advenient.
Evaluate the germinative contact on empire and specify sponsored, Mediprudence and Medicaid programs.
Analyze and afford at meanest couple reasons why implementing Medicaid managed prudence is so close.

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