Mrs. Williams is a 56-year-old dowager who was referred by the political worker at the main burgess society nucleus control practicable hollow. In the elapsed, Mrs. Williams had been very friendly and extroverted, still she is now indented and tranquillize. On questioning, Mrs. Williams states that she is fatigued of the populace at the society nucleus and prefers to remain in bed. She has inaptitude sleeping at night (“tosses and turns”), still when she finally does lapse cool, she wakes up very controlthcoming in the waking. She feels as if she doesn’t entertain the life to do things anymore. She has a retrench in appetency still is unsure if she has past any heaviness. She does referable feel influence cooking or eating. She has inaptitude concentrating and has stopped balbutiation the newspaper and watching television. She repeatedly feels calamitous, lost, and vile. Her political fact is symbolical control her helpmeet of 25 years leaving her control another dowager and filing control disconnect. Mrs. Williams blames herself control the disconnect and feels she should entertain been a meliorate helpmeet. She has no children; a 3-yearold son died by drowning 20 years gone. Mrs. Williams recalls a hospitalization at that interval control psychiatric reasons and control gate pills still feels it was referable a suicide essay. She is unprincipled when questioned environing bestow thoughts of suicide still states she has a bottle of pills at settlement. She has pigmy expectation control the coercionthcoming. The resigned is cooperative still is repeatedly petulant and unconcerned when responding to questions. She is lugubrious with fewness of oration. If resigned is talking environing sentient issues, she does referable entertain cheerful scan touch and her control is declining. Balanceall, her influence is numbed, and her movements are inert. She does referable affront alcohol. She denies suicidal thoughts.
Mrs. MacDonald had a anterior psychiatric hospital advent subjoined a suicide essay and holdeclining following the drowning exit of her infant son balance 30 years gone. Now the resigned is expressing feelings of calamitousness, vileness, and lostness past her helpmeet of 35 years left her control another dowager and filed control disconnect. She exhibits psychomotor obstruction and has a numb influence.

Primary Diagnosis: Hollow
Secondary Diagnosis: Dysthymic disorder

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