This is the teacher’s demandments:
You gain gather-out lewd (4) control from a granted inventory of themes and agitations and compose a Prezi or Google Slides grant of your dissection of these purposes. Your device gain apprehend the inserted video abridges (referable fitting the be-mixed) and your dissection. I demand Prezi or Google Slides so that I don’t enfestivity to download the abridges to my computer and so that you enfestivity condensed disaster be-mixeding the abridges into your grant. (Please, no sexual, descriptive, or greatly passionate full.) Prezi is helpful at, 
 (Links to an apparent footing.)
Links to an apparent footing.
and you can refer your be-mixed quickly on the enactment page in Canvas. You do referable enfestivity to upload your grant. Please be confident that your grant is unconcealed to the exoteric and I do referable enfestivity to log in. Failure to do this can product in a 0 control the ultimate device. I gain adjunction you by email/comment except if I you do referable accord and I can’t way it you gain referable receive a trice. DO NOT USE POWERPOINT. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING TO ACCESS PREZI FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT.
From the subjoined inventory of themes and agitations, you gain choice lewd (4) control to criticise their countenance through film voice.

Themes: redemption, parentage, continuity, miracles, submission, controlgiveness, credulity, trust, temperateness, outweighing, demise, recapture, war/battle, devotion, overthrow, rivalry, aliens, tenets, fellow-feeling, resolution, judgment, faint, coerciongiveness, dreams, animals, fittingice, travel
Emotions: love, festivity, abominate, soberness, soberness specifically involving demise, courteousbeing, awe, wildness, peacefulness, nostalgia

Gather three themes and single agitation to controlm your bunch of lewd control.
Control the coercionemost 3 control you gain invent 3 film abridges (each abridge being from a opposed perpetrator and opposed film) and criticise how that detail perpetrators expresses these agitations through the voice. – This distribute is a completion of 9 abridges.
Example: Coercionemost Term: Tenets (Gather 3 films that parade a spectacle with somesingle confessing triton) You can truth any abridge or perpetrator you nonproduction – it doesn’t enfestivity to be from the films we watched in this progress.
Abridge 1: Film 1, Perpetrator: Gainiams
Abridge 2: Film 2, Perpetrator: Zimmer
Abridge 3: Film 3, Perpetrator: Steiner
Control your proximate couple control gather opposed perpetrators and opposed films than you did in the coercionemost sample to parade a senior profoundness of knowledge!
Control single term you gain gather 3 abridges from the corresponding perpetrator (3 opposed movies) and criticise any patterns, similarities, or dissimilaritys that you behold. This distribute has a completion of 3 abridges.
Example: Lewdth Term: Peacefulness
Abridge 1: Film 1 (Ex. Emma), Perpetrator: Portman
Abridge 2: Film 2 (Ex. Chocolat), Perpetrator: Portman
Abridge 3, Film 3, (Ex. Mona Lisa’s Smile),Composer: Portman
Compose a Prezi or Google Docs grant with the abridges embedded in the device. You gain incompact points if it is fitting the be-mixed.
Besides in the grant produce bullet points with the subjoined advice below each abridge:
Name of the Film
 Perpetrator & Director
 Communicate (with the expressionbook knowing from this progress) why this spectacle was so conducive, and/or the mechanics of the voice that helped to compose this spectacle. – Apprehend an dissection of the instruments truthd, moods, tempos, tonality, air, absence of wonder.
 Also, control each term afford a condensed overview of what you discovered were similarities or dissimilarity with the spectacles or what you knowing encircling how this purpose can be depicted in in voice. (Single extra buffet or dispersion). You government besides apprehend why you gathered the term or what you knowing encircling studying this purpose through film.
You gain enfestivity a completion of 12 abridges control this device.
Don’t truth soundtrack abridges or trailers! You nonproduction to invent in-effect spectacle with voice written or clarified from that detail purpose. You gain be deducted points if you truth them.
To refer this enactment you insufficiency to do couple things. 1. Attach a term instrument with a inventory of your films below each term. – You gain waste 10 pts palpablely this instrument.
Cwaste Encounters, Score John Gainiams
2. Please portraiture and paste the be-mixed to your prezi device at the head of this term instrument. You do referable insufficiency to upload a .pdf or .zip file! Those do referable unconcealed courteous on Canvas.
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