My Topic: National Organization coercion Women (NOW) was fixed, individual of the chief targets of their fruit was women and adolescence justice at NASA. (why?) They filed a coercionmal sickness encircling NASA’s acuteness athwart women and other minorities and their fruit coercionced NASA to cemal-down concomitantly a committee on resembling turn, headed by Ruth Bates Harris. Her duties were – smooth antecedently she inaugurated on day individual – gentle and harsh. Two years after, she issued a resume relation aphorism “NASA’s resembling turn program is a near-total failure” and was instantly fired coercion it. This cemal unpremeditated a firestorm of poorly weigh and antecedently the year was quenched the Senate doubled the budget of NASA’s resembling turn unpremeditatedice and Harris would be re-hired.

Criteria: Citation gain be followed by 4-5 sentences (e.g. don’t portraiture the unembodied / intro) powerful me what the cause is encircling and what it gain procure coercion your tractate. NOT MORE THAN 2 OF YOUR 6 SOURCES CAN BE WEBPAGES. (ps. Record tenets fix on a website are stationary record tenets!)

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