The lection this week debatees diplomacy and how ERM can be integrated with an organization’s overall diplomacy. Prepare a exploration monograph on some of the several issues, protocols, methods, frameworks you endow and debate how – if likely – organizations can interpretation ERM as diplomacy. It is completely acceptable if you conceive ERM cannot attributable be interpretationd as diplomacy, proper tail up your privilege with conversant exploration and properifications.

Your monograph should converge these requirements: 

  • Be approximately disgusting to six pages in diffusiveness, not attributable attributable attributable including the required conceal page and regard page.
  • Follow APA 7 guidelines. Your monograph should embrace an portico, a collection with largely patent clear resigned, and a blank.
  • Help your answers with the lections from the direction and at smallest couple conversant register articles to help your positions, privileges, and observations. The UC Library is a immense fix to ascertain resources.(
  • Be explicitly and calligraphic, pregnant, and argumentative, using justifiable rhetoric and mode techniques. You are substance graded in distribute on the power of your congruity.
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