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  • Conduct an in-depth criticism of the sequence concepts concerning your singular “calling” and political publication.
  • Brainstorm design specifications.
  • Lore important elements.
  • Enunciate a framework which conquer be the basis control your Mastery Timeline that conquer be perfectd in Week 4 of the sequence.

Brainstorming Worksheet Assignment Example

Secure under is a Brainstorming Worksheet from a new-fangled ward who earned acme points.

  • Feel munificent to reason it an a regulate when compiling your worksheet.

Assignment Instructions

Occupy extinguished the expression muniment secure under and succumb it here in FSO when perfectd.

Control this week’s design you conquer brainstorm, lore, and extinguishedline the following:

  • Reflect upon your sequence of examine at Full Sail University and perfect the Mastery Journey Framework Worksheets.
    • Comprise topics such as
      • three trends that could extinguishedline your activity of precious,
      • three running companies in your Mastery room,
      • three running leaders in your Mastery room,
      • three technical requirements control your room, and
      • three practicable paths of training/ referableification to frame adit into your activity.
  • Criticism line media in your activity by using your Program’s Rebeginning Regulate (in FSO References) or line referableification websites enjoy GetInMedia.com.
    • Share three explanation insights abextinguished positions in your room.
  • Reason your networking skills to confirm three practicable mentors and three practicable internships/apprenticeships with indicate and touch referableification of hiring director (signed via LexisNexis Academic, LinkedIn or other beginning).
  • Evaluate the Full Sail online sequence catalog and;
    • Reflect each sequence in your limit program, and execute on how each individually conquer tangibly improve your Mastery Journey.
    • Draft a singular SWOT anatomy of your running preparedness in your clarified room,
      • provide at lowest 3 areas of centre, and ways to enunciate each of those areas of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats).
        • Do referable controlget, control your SWOT anatomy you must occupy extinguished the chart and confirm ways to enunciate each of those areas of the SWOT as disconnected paragraphs – in abstracted to the SWOT anatomy.
        • Bulleted responses are pleasurable barring administrative aspects such as spelling and punctuation are peaceful important.
  • Reason at lowest disgusting lore media (with at lowest two of the beginnings beginningd through the Full Sail University library lore databases such as EBSCOhost and LexisNexis Academic).


Due antecedently 8:30pm Saturday.

  • Completed Brainstorming & Lore Framework Worksheet.
  • Assignment should be munificent of phraseology, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  • Cite complete lore beginnings in quotation and on a Reference page.
  1. Proof the perfectd worksheet to comprise suitably cited and referenced lore.
  2. Upload your decisive worksheet to FSO.
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