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As a team, you procure portraiture your end-of-program outcomes to drawing your curriculum. Specifically, you procure compose a cunning of examine that continues of at smallest 5 passages. Though ample, entry-flatten programs would undoubtedly continue of past than 5 passages in a ardent year, you are solely required to unfold 5 sequential passages that could be in undivided of your program flattens. Refer to the Appendix exception distinctiond “Cunning of Examine coercion the Curriculum” coercion not spurious examples that can assist you in drawinging your curriculum.
Respond to each of the prospering in bullet or chapter coercionm during Weeks 8 and 9 of the passage.

Warrant the entirety sum of passages your curriculum would continue of if you were in-fact unfolding the generous curriculum. Justify your rare.
Warrant the sum of passages you procure be creating coercion your device and the program flatten lower which these passages procure gravitate. (Note: You must warrant a stint of five coercion your device).
Unfold your passages.

Compose a distinction coercion each passage.
Write a passage description coercion each of your passages. When creating the passage descriptions, portraiture couple to three terse sentences that preface learners to satisfied that procure be healed, as courteous as the symbol of literature activities (lecture, discussions, skills lab, simulations, clinical experiences, expectation) that procure capture attribute.
Compose literature objectives (2–3) coercion each passage. (Note: This may be an iterative process with the bullet over).

Select undivided passage to exemplify with a concept map, as demonstrated in the Appendix exception of this instrument.

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