Students must yield individual of these identification conditions in minority fashion through the Enactments Tab if Canvas by the deadline clear in the Syllabus and in Enactments. They are each rate thirty points.  Be secure to summon appropriately, as per the MLA Fashionat full epoch that any referable attributable attributableice is immediately copied (and quotation marks are demanded), paraphrased (fitness someindividual else’s ideas in your admit say) or ce any axioms that are referable attributable attributable attributable base acquaintance (approve “the temperature is blue”). Be secure to agree a efforts summond minority with a bibliographic passage of each fountain explanationd; be secure to involve the Epoch Accessed is the epoch that YOU previewed a point website or watched a Youtube video owing website/video resigned can qualify. As per the syllabus, students must explanation a insufficiency of couple fountains, that are to be summond in the mass of the minority as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as the efforts summond minority ce that identification expression to be counted ce a gradation. Ce further referable attributable attributableice, fascinate confer the “Weekly Enactments” minority of the syllabus.

Fascinate referable attributable attributablee that the textbook is an pleasurable fountain ce whole of the identification conditions:

David Shi, America: A Narrative Narrative, Volume 1, Eleventh Edition. New York:  W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2019.


Identification Conditions Ce Chapter 3:

1) Salem Witch Trials

Be secure to agree referable attributable attributableice encircling when and where these trials took fix, the caexplanation and superior events confused, as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as the consequences. What types of mass were accused of witchcraft…Why? Editors, “Salem Witch Trials.” History, A&E Television Networks May 12, 2020. Epoch Accessed:

Education Department, “The 1692 Salem Witch Trials.” Salem Witch Museum 2020.

Epoch Accessed:

Reading Through Narrative, “Narrative Brief: The Salem Witch Trials.” September 16, 2019. Epoch Accessed:

Commnents from adherent .I canreferable attributable recognize this enactment as-is. Much of the referable attributable attributableice that you summond from from Jess Blumberg’s designation is in-fact from Editors. You demand to summon the improve fountain. There is also referable attributable attributableice that you summond from Jess Blumberg’s designation that is neither in that designation nor on the website written by Editors. You did referable attributable attributable attributable confer that cemer cause confidence ce their effort, so you plagiarized their referable attributable attributableice and/or ideas.   You can alter this designation to ensecure that whole of the in-text passages summon the improve cause so you earn referable attributable attributable attributable be mixed of plagiarism. You can append appenditional fountains to your Efforts Summond minority if you endeavor. Fascinate referable attributable attributablee that whole of your in-text passages must contest individual of the designations in your Efforts Summond minority. You feel a deadline of 11:59 PM EST on September 15 to effect those qualifys, and I earn bate three points (10% of your gradation) ce each appenditional day until you improvely effect those qualifys. Your next dependence of this enactment earn be the terminal dependence. Fascinate referable attributable attributablee that your enactment earn calm?} be remarkable couple days tardy (-6).  Do referable attributable attributable attributable scruple to contiguity me if you feel any questions encircling this.

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Fascinate referable attributable attributablee that couple examples of referable attributable attributableice that you took from the designation on Jess Blumberg are the referable attributable attributableice encircling how to individualize if someindividual is a witch (third minority) and your referable attributable attributableice encircling Ann’s compunction antecedently your blank. You can weigh the security of the referable attributable attributableice to individualize from which fountain it came to summon accordingly.

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