NEF6001 Research Project Part A Research Proposal Research Title: Trimester: 2 / 2019 Student Name: Supervisor Name: Total Mark= 20% Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 3 RESEARCH PROJECT BACKGROUND (Literature review) and OBJECTIVES 3 RESEARCH PROBLEMS 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3 RESEARCH SIGNIFICANCE 3 CONCLUSIONS 4 RESEARCH PLANNING: 4 REFERENCES 4 INTRODUCTION -explain about the topic and define the keywords and terminology -explain why the area or field of your research is interesting and important for the other researches -explain the history of the topic and trend of the researches RESEARCH PROJECT BACKGROUND (Literature review) and OBJECTIVES – Try to narrow the research field that you talked about in the introduction into the specific area, – complete a structured, critical review of theoretical and experimental literature on the topic area – Write about when and how and why this research field become attractive to the other researchers – Explain methodologies, hardware, software, tools applicable in the field. Explain about the future research trend – Discuss the thesis topic and your research contribution – Try to categorize the literature background RESEARCH PROBLEMS – define a problem from contemporary and emergent settings – What are your chosen research problems? Present problems by asking pertinent questions. – Based on your expertise, knowledge, understanding of what you have learnt by studying the literature, what do you want to discover, reconfigure or resolve? – The answer of how you want to do it will form the next section that it is “Research Methodology” RESEARCH METHODOLOGY – Formulate the research problem? – Create an evidence-based research proposal, – How do you -intend to do your research? Qualitative? Quantitative? Hybrid? – How do you want to gather data? How do you want to process it? – How do you want to recognise the variables? – Do you intend to do model simulation? Which interfaces do you use?/What about the platforms/ software required? – How you will extend your research to Research Project Part B. RESEARCH SIGNIFICANCE What will be your contribution to human knowledge, enterprise, society, business, environment, ….. ? What makes your research different from other research? CONCLUSIONS Conclude what you have done and write about your findings RESEARCH PLANNING: Task Name Duration Start Finish Resource Names REFERENCES The referencing convention that is applicable to this unit is—Harvard Marking Scheme Item Mark Received Mark INTRODUCTION 2 RESEARCH PROJECT BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES 3 RESEARCH PROBLEMS 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3 RESEARCH SIGNIFICANCE 2 CONCLUSION 2 RESEARCH PLANNING 1 REFERENCES 2 General Format (Grammar, proposal structure, etc.) 2 Penalty for delay 0 (negative mark) Total Mark 20 General Comment: ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~