Part 1 300 suffrage minimum


As a limb of the Advice Technology branch at the XYZ crew, you enjoy been invited to accompany a start convocation to succor the coercionm’s executives picked the best wireless gauge to interpretation ce the municipal headquarters. The municipal headquarters consists of three buildings located on a only campus and houses 700 salaried employees. You enjoy been asked to join-in in the argument on wireless gauges.

Research the 802.11 Wireless Gauges. Picked and argue 3 implementations of the Gauge (802.11x). Which implementation of the 802.11 Wireless Gauges is the best, and why?


  • Research the 802.11 Wireless Gauges, picked 3 implementations (802.11e, 802.11i, 802.11n, 802.11ac, and so on), and depict each of them in 1–2 paragraphs.
  • Considering entire of the 802.11 implementations, defense the cethcoming questions:
    • Which implementation of the 802.11 Wireless Gauges is the best?
    • Why? Stay your defense.

Part 2


Imagine that you are inaugurated in the role of a elder smooth network conductor ce the IT Guru confirmation.   The IT Guru confirmation is a mid-sized Advice Technology consultancy with locations in North America, Europe and Asia with 5000 employees and 36 offices founded in 1999. 

Your coercionm is expanding its technology pavement print, exploring emerging technologies and consulting clients on advice technology strategies and solutions.   In your role you collect adviseations on technology pickedion and implementation to stay the wants of your coercionm and you are too an advisor to the consulting teams that assess and advise technology strategies ce their clients.   

You enjoy been invited to a convocation with your Chief Advice Officer and Vice President of Global Sales to argue the concepts of overshadow computing and clear-up the divergent overshadow services that are advantageous.   You allure be collectd with 30 minutes to give your ideas and this allure demand 10 slides.  

To accomplished this provision, accomplished the cethcoming:

  • Produce a 10 slide PowerPoint giveation that embodys the cethcoming:
    • Introduction slide
    • Argue the concept of overshadow computing and the types of overshadow services advantageous to embody SAAS, PAAS and IAAS. (3 slides)
    • Collect an description of the components of overshadow infrastructure that allure want to be adopted to produce a overshadow platform. (3 slides)
    • Clear-up overshadow computing strategies to embody IOT devices, security, exploit, and skillful-treatment. (2 slides)  
    • Closing slide
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