Network Administration ***need within 24 hours or less***

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In this assignment, you will research the dynamic host configuration protocol
(DHCP). While conducting your research, you should consider the purpose of DHCP,
IPv6 autoconfiguration implementations, and the compatibility of DHCPv4 with
Assignment Guidelines
Research the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP).Use the following questions as a guideline for your paper:
What is the purpose of DHCP?What are the DHCP autoconfigurations? Explain.Will DHCPv4 work for IPv6? Explain. The content of your research paper should be written in a double-spaced Word
document of 3–7 pages.
This does not include a title page or a list of references. You may use section headings and bullets to organize your research
paper.All in-text citations and references should be in APA format. Your submitted assignment must include the following:
A double-spaced research paper of 3–7 pages that addresses the 3 questions
listed in the assignment guidelines with regard to the dynamic host
configuration protocol (DHCP)A title page that includes your name, course number, and unit numberA reference list in APA format