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Discussion on Healthcare

It is defined as taking preventive medical measures to improve the health of an individual. Health care can be provided through surgery or administration of drug, with an intention of alleviating suffering from the infirm. The services are majorly delivered in established healthcare facilities such as hospitals. The medical practitioners such as physicians, doctors and nurses plays a vital role in maintenance and management of the patient’s health. There is a general change in the way healthcare is provided in the current age. As opposed to traditional services which relied solely on manual operations, the current technology has changed the way things are done.
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Healthcare services are offered alongside well established system to control daily activities within the hospitals. We can now witness of nurse administrators, who are able to manage other junior nurses to enhance service delivery. Furthermore, the central players in the sector of health are medical experts in different field of specialization. Delivery of modern care requires collaboration of professionals in different fields such as psychology, midwifery, dentistry and others. The integration of all these provide personal preventive measures as well as curative services. Four broad services encompasses healthcare. One is health promotion which is basically concerted campaign to educate the population on the importance of maintaining proper health lifestyle. Second, we have disease prevention which is actualized by vaccination. The medical experts advises the patients on the best way to avoid future infections. Moreover, we have diagnosis and treatment. This is whereby the patient is diagnosed in the hospital through tests and medical history. The physician later identifies the disease and recommend appropriate treatment procedure. Finally, rehabilitation is also part of healthcare. This category is mostly occupied by people who have psychological disorders either due to medical condition or abuse of drugs. Specialist in this area are tasked with the responsibility of restoring back the normalcy of individuals’ life.