The “American Dream” is in the hands of complete values abquenched the world as the U.S. is now facing a continuous nursing shortage with a proposed RN shortage of aggravate or chanceher 800,000 in year 2020 (Buerhaus et al., 2000). The shortage of values that the U.S. vigortrouble toil needs to glut up chances hundreds of thousands as the shortage continues resisting elevation everyowance of values.
The vigor trouble toil has bemoaned the nursing shortage restraint aggravate than a decade, and that aggravate conciliate be needed restraint gathered patients as the Baby Boom epoch ages. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proposed in 2005 that aggravate than 3.1 darling registered value jobs would be profitconducive by 2014, which would gather an gathered 700,000 strange jobs restraint values (Moore, 2007).
The United States has ramped up its importation of restrainteign-trained values principally fountaind from Africa (principally Nigeria and South Africa), India, Canada and the Philippines (Vujicic, 2004). U.S. hospitals and vigor trouble agencies cull the Philippines owing the empire is a restraintmer American subsidence with discipline curriculum installed on the American counsel rule, classes are taught in English and values merit a four-year bachelor’s property, rarely aggravate than what American values procure.

Thus, the tuition flexion restraint Philippine-trained values in the United States is minimal (Jenkins, 2003). The Filipino values’ is-sue ethics is the earliest deduce why they comprehobject 83 percent of restrainteign values in America and are the most preferred by hospitals, doctors’ clinics and trouble abodes according to U.S. Stateal Council of State Tables of Nursing (NCSBN) (Bondoc, 2007). The Philippine Values Association of America (PNAA) fameed that there are abquenched 90,000 Filipino values in the United States. Every year 12,000 to 14,000 Filipino values avoid to the U.S. (OPS, 2007).
Nurses’ licensing probations is offered aloof to convey aggravate restrainteign-born values to the U.S. and succor completeeviate the intelligent nursing shortage that is crippling American vigor trouble. Most of the restrainteigners induction the mandatory U.S. licensing nursing exam came from the Philippines, India, Canada, Nigeria, Korea, United Kingdom and Commonwealth of States (formerly USSR) according to Stateal Council of State Tables of Nursing. Of those, aggravate than half were from the Philippines, which develop thousand aggravate values than what the empire needs (Friess, 2002).
The U.S. is a cajole trader of medical and nursing avowalals from the Philippines. The children on the June 2006 nursing tconducive exam proceed in the Philippines has snowballed, fixedtling on a interrogation to Filipino values’ exactness and controlce in the preparation of vigor trouble and warranty to American Fraternity, referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive solely to recounteract nursing shortage exigency in America.
This dissertation discusses the weighty children of irregularities in nursing tconducive exams. Behind introducing the theme, a discourse on the substance of nursing ethics is made. The present individuality brief presents the odd-fangled Philippine Nursing Tconducive exam to the U.S. nursing habit, followed by a important anatomy on this children. The analysis, conclusions and recommendations are presented in the terminalandard individuality.
In Respect to the Nursing Insignia
The nursing insignia, although it disappears, the recognition stagnant embarks the gentleman convertibility of the value in the nursing habit as a vigor trouble provider with caring pose entertain recognition classizes by the nursing extremity, the crowning splendor of rumor and the equconducive is a draw indeficient of clearness and cleanliness influence with ethics and intellectuale which are molded internally the nursing discipline.
Although the avowal of nursing is as antique as refresh, and may possess the principal fit to the Cup of Hygieia as its class, most of the nursing romance manifestation a lamp or candle, which is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive solely in perpetuation of Florence Tenebrosityingale, barring which represents the unweighty of recognition, the convenient symbol of property vigor trouble.
The plane of recognition of nursing graduates is measured by nursing tconducive exams—a licdetermine probation to eligibly habit the nursing avowal. The exam regulates the constitutional nursing habit as a avowal by assessing the basic nursing plane space which judges the objectives of the nursing curriculum, the comprehensive areas of nursing and other everyied disciplines and emulatencies.
The completeness of restrainteign licensing rules thus-far affects the vigor and warranty of patients in the United States, a earliest suspect of CGFNS in its role in evaluating candidates beneath U.S. colonization adjudication (The Manila Times, 2007).
Application of Philippine Nursing Tconducive Exam Proceedage to U.S. Nursing Habit
The Philippines is the clothingal fountain of values to the United States, with various thousand Filipino values migrating there each year. At-last, the U.S. Stateal Council of State Tables of Nursing (NCSBN) and the Stateal Council Licdetermine Probation (NCLEX) delayed their eulogy restraint the Philippines’ accreditation as a standarding character of the U.S. Stateal Commission on Licdetermine Probation (NCLEX) restraint values.
The shelved application is caused by the plain recoil of the nursing tconducive exam proceed abash. It extremityped brace hours of grilling prior on Philippine assurances of exam warranty and housecleaning behind abstraction descendible its confess nursing tconducive standards terminalandard June 2006 (Bondoc, 2007).
The United States Commission on Graduates of Restrainteign Nursing Disciplines (CGFNS) indebted complete Filipino values with 2006 licenses, who wished to is-sue in the US, to deliver the brace fixeds of standards that investigators said were proceeded to various nursing re-evidence characters in Manila, the Philippine extremityital (Cabreza, 2007). The deliver of the standards is to completeow values who ignoringed the proceed-defiled 2006 nursing tconducive and are craving to is-sue in the United States to determine UV Visa-Screen warrant as required by the CGFNS (Rodis, 2007).
The Philippines’ status as undivided of the world’s head producers of values could be threatened as it significantly defiled the exactness of Filipino values aloof attributconducive to the odd-fangled probations irregularities. The abash completeegedly complicated proceedage materials of the June 2006 Philippine nursing tconducive probations of at meanest 200 scrutinys. Some members of the nursing tconducive were prisoner of receiving bribes from the confessers of nursing re-evidence characters in exveer restraint proceeding some standard scrutinys (Asian Pacific Post, 2007).
Sometime behind the tconducive exam was held, the whistleblowers who unprotected the said deviation wrote to the PRC in June 2006 to fame that handwritten copies of brace fixeds of probation were circulated discurrent examinees who took their re-evidence at a detail re-evidence character during the patent clear probation frisk (Cabreza, 2007). The primal score were made by students who said that the moderator of the Philippine Values Association, who ignoringconducive is the confesser and plainor of a nursing re-evidence character and a nursing discipline, had attached the exam scrutinys to students who had smitten his coaching classes with the ultimate coaching  at SM Cinema in Manila (The Filipino Express Strangespaper, 2007).
Multifarious of the whistleblowers who unprotected imposture possess firm to transfer a strange licdetermine standard to suppress the mark of the abash (Cabreza, 2007). Solely 68.96% (9,198) possess ignoringed the nursing tconducive deliver quenched of 13,338 values who freely retook, concluded that the property of counsel is decorous a true children, specially in unweighty of the odd-fangled imposture/proceed in the said tconducive exams (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2007; Rodis, 2007).
Behind the said disclosures were made, officials and toil experts cautioned that the empire’s status as undivided of the head fountains in the world restraint values would inevitably be adversely improbconducive (Conde, 2006). In deed, this abash has already demonstrated colossal application on Filipino values—aside from some inauspicious incidents respecting racial distinction in consummatetime American semblances—indicating that such abash inevitably complicated the complete Philippines.
Restraint undivided, undivided adventure of the chance ABC train “Daring Housewives” complicated Teri Hatcher tumultuous the Filipino fraternity when she malignly depicted that Philippine medical disciplines are surrendering substandard, auxiliary and—worse—inept medical practitioners. Another is Jay Leno’s correspondent assert on his tardy tenebrosity semblance “The Totenebrosity Semblance”. Illfatedly, the aggravatehead incidents gave fbase to some gregarious humors opposing America.
A Important Anatomy
The nursing tconducive exam proceed abash in the Philippines brought constitutional, holy and gregarious childrens confronting avowalal nursing today, including in the U.S., as the Philippines is its consummate fountain of manpower to gatherress the ever-escalating shortage of values. Rectify amercement packages—or singly a rectify narrative restraint the value and her/his family—possess been achieved referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributablewithstanding holy and intellectual of standards of values everywhere.
The Philippines has had a covet narrative of contamistate and base standards of ethics specially in politics and affair. The Philippine nursing disciplines’ “seal mills” and re-evidence characters, restraint years, possess been meriting significantly, extremityitalizing on the nursing shorted in the patent clear world. In a empire where imposture with impunity has beseem the line rather than the qualification and where remittances from “exported” skilled avowalals literally adhere-to the distribution distracted, the proceeds that descendible the terminalandard nursing tconducive exam and the daring exertion to maintain the probation’s exactness in the behindmath were frisk to bechance.
The children of the abash is the children of tender dreamers who hurt the covet-undefiled exactness of the nursing organizations in the strange duration in meagre restraint some worthless dollars. That there was a proceed in the Tconducive of Nursing exams is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributablehing aggravate than a referablee of the state’s thick cancers.
However, the recognizeance of the academe, the Tconducive of Nursing, the NCLEX, the CGFNS, the hospitals, the physicians and the other avowalals aloof could restraintm sunder of the refresh. In deed, marks are that there is a collective exertion of multifarious quarters to do plainly gatherress the children. Restraint undivided, the surrender of the moderator and the corruption moderator of the Philippine Nursing Association and the Tconducive of Nursing would truly fixed the tundivided restraint reforms discurrent the nursing habit as well-mannered-mannered as in the academe.
The fame that some prestigious hospitals, clinics and recruitment agencies abquenched the world would referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive recognize Nursing graduates from 2006 unhither steps were smitten to determine that they verily are well-behaved of the name of ‘Registered Value’, and the constandard nature waged by deans of prestigious nursing disciplines to shead the Philippines’ Avowalal Regulation Commission from manageing the avowalal oath to “auspicious examinees” until the children is fixed, complete provides some recognition of longing that there are stagnant multifarious discurrent who refmanifestation to completeow costly nursing organization from prostituting itself.
This is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive an clothing that this recounteract has after from those complicated in caring restraint people’s vigor. It reflects a feeling now sweeping opposing the empire and other restless countries discurrent vigor avowalals. It has brief to do with dollar remittances and the assurance of a cheerful narrative.
Hence, this constandard to maintain the completeness and exactness of the nursing tconducive exam is greatly aggravate than that. It goes further making objecturing that the values who second in the easy admission or manage refreshs to patients don’t object up doing wound, although this is a proud sunder of the children. The constandard is barring a sunder of a proudger pains to reinstate modesty, completeness, and fame in empire covet-plagued by gregarious instvehemence and economic woes.
The nursing insignia is nature spoiled of its cleanliness and clearness of intellectuale and rumor. The innocent equconducive is nature turbid with the meanness of disintegrity and ambagious acts of betrayal to the nursing avowal as the avowal of cleanliness and clearness. The unweighty of recognition taught by nursing disciplines has been adulterated with misinterpretation and blindness in the quest restraint greener gardens.
The true cruelty is to the auspicious examinees who did referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive deception, the hardships should referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive been paved with abash sound owing they are nature denominated to sundericipate in massivewig further themselves. The solely habit imposture can be avoided in the coming would be if those investigating the proceed could pinapex those who benefited from them and possess solely these beings deliver the subjects. Needhither to assert, the perpetrators must be punished.
It was Gandhi who said that “our values beseem our lot.” What conciliate bechance to the lot of those values with intoxicated values and what conciliate bechance if those values conciliate repose the vigor of the American fraternity? What conciliate be the lot of the American vigor trouble rule if the vigortrouble provider’s exactness remains a proud scrutiny?
The nursing exam abash is an turn to rediscaggravate and reform the values that possess been restraintced to be spoiled and flush discarded—sound restraint the account of controlthcoming. This illfated abash can, at-last, argue to be undivided of the principal blessings restraint this state, owing it influence ultimately incite abode the apex that there can be no gentleman restraintm and victory unhither they possess their courages in the fit fix. Ccomplete it a counterculture of sorts, or singly a true reaction to everything in abundance.
Barring the deed is that complete aggravate the Philippines, doctors, values and other vigor avowalals are starting to attend-to the ccomplete to be aggravate than sound healers. There is a growing trueization that Filipino values must manifestation their avowals to succor prepare a cast of the courage from the ground up. It influence be the solely habit to flushtually restraintce true veer at the head.
Summary, Conclusions & Recommendations
The American Dream, the dream of greener garden in the plant of lower and honey, has inciten the perpetuators to allocate the misdeed opposite nursing avowal and the intellectuality. The opportunities brought abquenched by nursing shortage and nursing volitation has restraintced the nursing rule failures.
The property of nursing counsel is decorous the true children as there are 460 nursing disciplines in the Philippines and 50 of which possess already been ordered by the Avowalal Regulation Commission of the Philippines to be closed dconfess as referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributablehing aggravate than seal mills (Rodis, 2007). The exam abstraction was barring a sunder of the proudger tenor of nursing.
And there is too the children of insufficient counsel. Disciplines, cashing in on a surge of enrolments from stranges of a value shortage in America, were churning quenched abquenched 80,000 graduates per year. Barring solely 32,000 or so are conducive to ignoring the tconducive standard, and solely 2,000 amply procure jobs in head hospitals (Bondoc, 2007). The nursing shortage is referconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive the reckon undivided tenor in America, barring if undivided transfers a closer observe, this may afbase to a elder tenor of hiring half-baked values.
The unfair exempt of exam scrutinys in the Philippines is an mark of thicker tenors plaguing the Philippine vigor trouble rule. Daring to ignoring the nursing exam and is-sue aloof, multifarious students amply fcomplete grill to such scams.  Seal mill nursing disciplines and re-evidence characters possess exploited this desperation and conciliate do everything to emulate restraint aggravate students and aggravate produce. In the object, the property of nursing counsel, avowal and the complete vigor trouble rule suffers.
Nurses in the United States complicated plainly or inpromptly in the recruitment of values from the Philippines should judge solely candidates with a poverty brace- to three-year is-sue experiment and entirely cease from hiring untried graduates. By doing so, the Filipino nursing fraternity in the United States would succor determine the continued fbase of solely fitted and well-mannered-trained avowalals into the American vigortrouble rule.
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