The personal values ​​that define my world view and the philosophy of nursing are my belief that nurses live and breathe personally. The nursing career is holistic, autonomous and collaborative. Nursing involves caring for people of all ages, communities, families, groups, sick or healthy people, and this happens in all situations. This vision of nursing has allowed me to consider all spiritual factors, psychosocial and physical preparation for a good nursing career. I have learned to think critically and make decisions to assess and delegate care. The way a culture sees certain diseases determines my view of the profession, if people’s culture is taught to treat people with care and compassion, it directly affects the person who suffers, I think of cultural values ​​that people have towards the sick, and all people usually have a reflexive influence on how a sick person deals with the illness. Caring and compassion play an important role in the healing process of a sick person and should be cultural values ​​in every society so that people can take good care of the sick. This vision has always prompted me to approach patients with care and compassion to shorten the healing process. Showing attention and compassion improves communication between a doctor and a patient (Quinn, 1992). This allows the cultural acceptance of certain deadly diseases such as AIDS. Care and compassion determine the course of a physical illness. Spirituality plays an important role in times of crisis and sickness, as it allows one to connect with being, nature, God and others. It is a means to deal with the loss of grief and death. Life-threatening illnesses are a crisis on many levels and can be familial, social, spiritual or psychological. Religious beliefs and spiritual practices are crucial and affect the importance of disease, physical and emotional well-being and health care decisions, especially for people with life-threatening illnesses. I believe that all spiritual, social and spiritual components should be included because they improve the quality of life and death. They also support the inherent dignity of patients and their families. Nursing is a solidarity profession (Boykin and Schönhofer, 2001). Values ​​are strategies for integrating and communicating central ideals in the nursing profession. The values ​​to be respected in nursing practice are empathy, autonomy, altruism, social justice, integrity and human dignity. These values ​​ensure that the transmission of care behavior for the future nursing staff is strengthened. Ethics refers to the standards that nurses order to act in accordance with their profession. They are ethically correct and must be observed when caring for patients. Nightingale (1969) advised on specific issues related to the behavior and moral behavior of nurses. The moral interpretation in nursing refers to the private or personal interpretation of what is good or bad. My personal values ​​may be in conflict with my obligation to cause conflict when a sick person represents something that contradicts my own moral code. I can not set aside my moral codes and continue to care for patients. I do not think that I should set aside my own moral code to get great attention. If I face such a scenario, I should apologize for paying attention to this particular patient. This improves the maintenance of personal and professional integrity. Abortion is legalized in many countries and therefore medically legal. I think it is immoral and think it should not be preserved unless the mother’s life is in danger. This can lead to an ethical dilemma because I did not want to get an abortion simply because the law allows it, for me it is immoral and I would not seek or accompany a doctor who seeks it. I would also refuse to accept a job from a doctor, especially if the drug he uses for the patient is fatal, regardless of the case, it would not help a doctor to kill a patient. At some point, the patients ask the nurses to kill them by removing air tubes or other medical equipment to end their suffering ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~