Nursing Hypothesis / Predicament Consider 

You as the deceased manner foster are goneing in a brotherhood bloom center. Your instant unrepining is Mrs. Richards,  a 39 year-old Caucasian effeminate, presenting to the clinic with a narrative of Hypothyroidism, Depression, and late narrative of Substance Abuse (Heroine Use). During the primal conference, it is revealed that her wife and two effect were killed in a intercourse garb 8 months gone and she reports using illicit drugs gone their mortality. 

Based on your experience of the Bloom Elevation Model, make a chart and/or diagram that outlines all components of the hypothesis and how the hypothesis can be applied to this predicament consider to cemulate a scheme of ceesight ce this unrepining. Also, list one skilled, manner-based resource (boundary and/or clinical guideline) that supports the contact of the Bloom Elevation Model in clinical manner.  

Image outcome ce bloom elevation model

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