Life Cycle Nutrition NSC 301 – 50 points Due Date: 11:59pm March 17, 2018 Turn in as .doc or .docx on D2L Objective: – Identify three credible peer-reviewed journal articles of current information on topics in maternal, infant, child, adolescent, or geriatric nutrition. Interpret and evaluate the scientific evidence and apply to life cycle topics for a scientific audience. – Identify three credible sources of current information which is available to potential clients or patients. Synthesize findings and provide recommendations based on current evidence for a layperson population. – Create a social media post on your topic to educate the lay population. Include a hyperlink to patient resources. 1. Describe the key differences between primary and secondary research sources. Include one example for a primary source and another example for a secondary source. (5 points) 2. You are a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and have been asked to provide guidance to a medical practice. Select a current issue or topic in life cycle nutrition (e.g. breastfeeding, GMO, organic, etc.) – Find two (2) research articles published in the past 5 years with at least one (1) published in the past 12 months. One article must be a primary article and the other can be a secondary article. – Following the steps below write a review of the literature including citations of peer-reviewed research for a scientific audience. (at least 300 words) 15 points a. Write a description of the issue or topic and summarize relevant information. This must include the purpose of each study, design, results and conclusions. b. From this information provide written guidance that will inform clinical practitioners’ in the medical practice on recommendations they should make to their patients. c. Must include proper citations in AMA style 3. Identify one (1) credible patient-centered resource related to this issue. If your topic was related to breast feeding perhaps would be a great patient resource since it includes education materials, Q&As, and forums. Using the guidelines below summarize the information on this resource that is available to clients or patients. (at least 200 words) 15 points a. Describe the source and type of information available. b. How could patients utilize this information? c. Is this information credible? Does it agree with the current scientific evidence? d. Provide the link to the patient resource. 4. Create a short educational piece (develop it as a social media post and indicate the medium – Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) succinctly highlighting current findings, evidence, guidance and recommendations. 15 points ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~