Ministry of Labour Fines Corporation You have been provided with your own unique news release communiqué from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, highlighting the reasons for fining a Corporation and/or Supervisor for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and/or mentioning failure to comply with Regulations made under the Act. Using the headers provided here, please answer the following: 1. List the events in this case that lead up to and include the accident. 2. Describe the injury sustained and the direct cause. 3. a) What section(s) of the Act (and what Regulation(s) if cited in your case) were violated? Please write out verbatim those section(s) of the Act and regulation(s). b) What OTHER sections of the Act and Regulations COULD the company have been charged with in your case? Provide at least four (4). Write out these sections verbatim. You do not have to defend your choices. 4. a) What was the amount of the fine(s) levied by the judge in your case? Do not mention the victim fine surcharge amount. b) What sections of the Act guide the judge in the amount of the fines for individuals & Corporations? Write out these sections verbatim. 5. What remedial actions (Controls) would you put in place to ensure this type of accident in your case does not reoccur in the future? Think of changes to the occupational health and safety management system. Be very specific to controlling your case issues. As a second upload, you must attach a copy of your individual news release communiqué that you received via e-mail (if not: ½ mark deduction). 5-mark deduction if you do not use your assigned case. Your submitted assignment should be no more than 1,500 words, single spaced, 11 Arial font – with NO title page. You must use the headers # 1-5 provided in this document. The assignment will be graded on a scale of 0 – 5 marks based on work quality, format & effort and thoroughness of specific remedial action plans. When providing remedial actions, generalizations that could be applied to any case will not be scored. NOTE FOR WRITER DOING THIS REPORT: *I just want to indicate that the case mentions “Brampton, Ontario” and “Concord, Ontario”. These are cities in Ontario. Ontario is a province in Canada. Provinces are equivalent to states in the US. Just wanted to write this information for you to be aware. Thank you. Also, here are example of how the assignment format is to be & examples of other people work who took this class previously. Act and Regulations are derived from this book (USE THE MOST CURRENT YEAR: 2019): you could use the internet website to make it easier since you won’t have access to the physical copy of book, here is the link for that website: ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~