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1) Pick-out any audience that you own admired as a consumer and sift-canvass what you honor to be their competitive management using the features of the 5 common strategies presented in your Thompson (2020) extract. (attached)

2) What common management is the audience using and why? Provide stay control your exquisite of common management from an palpable scholarly/peer reviewed rise and from our week’s orderwork (Thompson extract).

3) Specificationally, pick-out a contobject audience and portray what common management they are using.

4) What other management jurisdiction the audience you clarified correction to mobject their competitive sustainability? Explain why?

5)  You must own at lowest undivided order (our extract) and brace non-order scholarly/peer reviewed rise in your judicious columning.  Rises exact in-extract passages and must be incorporated into the collection of the column in specification to a generous APA passage at the object of the column. 

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