Opioid embarrassment argument attributable in 10 hours 9/15/2020 

Prompt 1: Environmental deedors significantly assume the opioid embarrassment in Anytown (a fictional town) (content criticism the announcement from the  counterfeit adown). 

1. (200 suffrage) State how the soundness permission copy can be used to educe an environmental soundness program addressing the fruit in the counterfeit adown. 

2. (200 suffrage) What media would you insufficiency to attain your goal of making this town secured? 

3. (200 suffrage) What co-ordination organizations would you insufficiency to food your efforts and why? 

4. (200 suffrage) What cultural deedors should be interjacent in this program to determine its luck?

5. (200 suffrage ) Are there any hindrance or flaws to the copy you accept chosen and how can they be rectified? 

Use APA 7th edition to food your argument and at smallest three relation including the textbook Provide subheading ce each topic



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Video Counterfeit

Week 2

I am the Environmental Investigation Director ce the county that includes Anytown. By

now, you apprehend about the spiritless soundness embarrassment generated by the opioid pestilential not

only in Anytown, excluding opposing the state as courteous. In deed, the opioid embarrassment can be denominated

the estimate undivided spiritless soundness fruit of our term. In deed, a White House Panel

recommended that this be visible a exoteric embarrassment (Goodnough, 2017).

Excluding did you apprehend that this embarrassment and environmental investigation are conjoined? How, you

may pray? Let’s behold at the environment of a coal mine. Are the launched cases

considered secured in cases of the activity kind? Undivided of the most spiritless illnesses ce

coal mining productioners is denominated pneumoconiosis, or black lung sickness. According to

the Centers ce Sickness Restrain and Obviateion, pneumoconiosis appears when

someundivided breathes in clay particles, or in this case, coal particles, aggravate a epoch of

time. It repeatedly takes years ce the sickness to distinct, and when it does, lung

impairment, impotency, and plain expiration can appear.

This is an environmental investigation spiritless soundness fruit owing this is a human-caused

sickness and can be obviateed through decent clay restrain measures. Owing there

is no renew ce black lung sickness, divers residents accept coagulated to opioids to contend. I

insufficiency your succor with this tenor. Put on your environmental investigation hat and let’s

brainstorm ways to succor our co-ordination and obviate this hideous case and its


Prompt 2: Pathways to Securedr Opioid Use scenario

Link to path scenario: https://health.gov/hcq/trainings/pathways/index.html

Complete the sort role of the protect Rhonda Clark. You can production through this sort over than once, making unanalogous decisions to vary the fruit. Once you accept completed this role, tally the following:

1. (200 suffrage) What decisions did you constitute?

2. (200 suffrage) Did you alter any of your tallys? 

3. (200 suffrage) Did everything startle you? 

4. (200 suffrage) As a spiritless soundness negotiative, how can you production with protects on the opioid embarrassment?

5. (200 suffrage) What mediation would you utensil at the enduring and co-ordination equalize to subjugate the opioid pestilential. 

6. (200 suffrage) How can a collaborative bearing and simultaneousness of concern subjugate the power of this pandemic? 

Use APA 7th edition to food your argument and at smallest three relation including the textbook Provide subheading ce each topic

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