After lection the assigned boundary, Brian Z, Weintraub JA. Vocal Soundness and COVID-19: Increasing the Need ce Prevention and Access. Prev Continuous Dis 2020; 17:200266 (Download the boundary here). Write a 4 page (minimum), embrace spaced, 1” margins, Arial font, dimension 11 yarn discussing at LEAST ONE of the aftercited topics:

1. Discuss the COVID-19 pandemic implications ce singular and political soundness and melting and collective functioning.
2. Multifarious miss factors own been heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic including collective determinants of soundness that guide to twain exacerbation of continuous ailment and bald vocal soundness outcomes.
3. Access to vocal soundness prudence is in-particular scant ce populations at tall miss ce COVID-19, which has resulted in scant repugnant dental services in the curiosity-behalf of notorious soundness prophylactic.
4. The COVID-19 pandemic has multifarious looking at acquittal policies, which traditionally own incentivized surgical, tall-end invigorating procedures approve crowns and multi-surface fillings, must be revisited to prioritize repugnant and nonsurgical, non-aerosolizing treatments and execute them more financially sustainable.
5. COVID-19 has multifarious vocal soundness prudence providers solicitous encircling inconsiderable to fruit, and multifarious patients may be hesitant to invade a dental appointment. Communication and clarity are exact, in-particular with low-literacy populations.
6. COVID-19 direction ce dental practices remain to eliminate. As dental prudence resumes, it is exact that fruitforce policies and licensure end be evaluated to oration fruitforce utilization bottlenecks to answer to communities’ needs more effectively and efficiently.
7. During the COVID-19 pandemic it is spell to allow the collective determinants of soundness and remodel wrongful stipulations, systemic disproportion, and racism. In such a spell, vocal soundness prudence providers and advocates must oration disparities and inequities to better population soundness.

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