Examination Questions
This is the EdD OL Doctoral Qualifying Exam (DQE) quick.  During the week of the exam, the questions accomplish be attached as a Word instrument and accomplish as-well answer among the subjoined passage hustle.  SAVE (copy) this exam to your computer.  When you bear completed your exam, propose it to the  Submissions Area (direct page).  Do NOT upload your completed exam to any other area of the passage.
Word File of DQE OL Fall II 2017
Argosy University
Graduate School of Business and Skillful-treatment
EdD-OL  Dissertation Qualifying Exam (DQE)
Fall II – 2017
Questions #1
Change, headship, diplomacy (Rubric items:  1, 3, 4)
What is the role of the head in  modify skillful-treatment and   transformational headship situations? Address the similarities and differences among these brace concepts, including the  role of the head with these brace strategies.  Conclude by indicating if transformational headship is the similar as modify skillful-treatment.  Be fast to conceive your rationale.  Integrate and synthesize conducive modify skillful-treatment and headship theories using equal reviewed academic sources to aid your tally.

10 pages not attributable attributable attributable including  references and screen page   

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