Instructions Due Tuesday July 14, 2020

In a affable yarn, incorporate structureal technology, appreciate, and strategy. You may correction a real-life structure you keep researched (or worked restraint) in enjoin to elucidate your evidence Correction exception headers to portion-out your findings, and convince readers on the subjoined topics:

  • Identify three kinds of technology in an structure.
  • Explain how irrelative types of technology imagine irrelative competencies.
  • Describe how technology impacts structureal refinement.
  • Explain how technology can succor structureal efficiency.
  • Relate how technology can hurl an structure’s global annotation strategies.

Your yarn should be two pages in tediousness, referable including the inscription page or intimation page. You are required to adduce at smallest single season from the CSU Online Library. All sources correctiond must be intimationd; paraphrased and quoted representative must keep appertaining in-text citations in the own APA restraintmat. 

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