Paper 1- Short Story Compare/contrast Textual Analysis 2-3 pages

Paper 1- Short Story Compare/contrast Textual Analysis
2-3 pages
You have now read a selection of short stories varying in themes, time periods, plots and characters. I would like for you to:
1. choose 2 characters (each from a different story) For example: Prince Charming (Cinderella’s Prince) and Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty’s Prince)
2. Find a clear and specific focus/thesis. I want you to choose 1 similarity that connects the two characters in likeness. For example: Prince Charming and Prince Phillip both search for their princess
3. Compare/contrast this similarity. For example: 1 prince is passive in his pursuit and one is active; one fights a dragon and the other has to try on a shoe; ect.
4. Then find textual evidence: quotes, events, specific details to support your thesis.
5. You will also have to have a basic works cited page (not included in page count) that only includes your two primary sources (the stories).
This paper will use the literary analysis skills discussed in class.
You will be graded on the following things:
1. Thesis and overall argument 20%
2. Integration of Textual evidence/ quotes from the story20%
3. Analysis of your evidence and how it contributes to the overall thread 20%
4. Conclusion
5. Organization of paragraphs/ transitions 10%
6. MLA basic formatting 5%
7. MLA citations, and WC page) 10%
8. Grammar 10%

Your drafts are as follows:
Draft 1: Topic Draft 10pts
Draft 2: Outline/ Venn Diagram 10pts
Draft 3: 2 page rough draft due in class for workshop pts
Final Draft: 2-3 pages polished turned in online to Canvas- ready for my eyes 100pts