WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT (Final Paper Proposal)
Restraint minute notification touching drafts, prefaces, essay propositions, and an APA intimations inventory, mark the Ashford Writing Center.
Resurvey the provision instructions restraint the Final Paper in Week Five. Submit an draft restraint your Final Paper that includes the forthcoming:

Develop an preface with a essay proposition restraint the Final Paper.
Create an draft of the superior headings with a couple- to three-sentence mode of what you procure debate below each heading.
Provide a intimations page restraint the origins used in the Final Paper (the Final Paper has a reserve limitation of five versed origins).

State the entire bibliographic quotation restraint the versed origin forthcoming APA guidelines

The draft must be couple to three pages in diffusiveness (excepting name and intimation pages) and restraintmatted according to APA mode as draftd in the Ashford Writing Center
(Links to an superficial standing.)
Carefully resurvey the Grading Rubric
(Links to an superficial standing.)
restraint the criteria that procure be used to evaluate your motive.

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