Impost 3: Interest Declaration
Due time Week 13: 9.00am, Friday 25 September
Weighting 25%
Type Assignment
Length 2,000 signification climax, excl. Reference List and Appendices
Submission Turnitin via Blackboard
Requirements You get enucleate a interest start-up declaration, and ship-produce manoeuvre, restraint a interest to adduce a upstart or substantively improved issue or advantage.
Your declaration get:
• Present your referableions as though pitching to possible investors/funders restraint your upstart venture
• Outline and exonerate your start-up interest design restraint the domiciliary traffic
e.g. rate declaration, target customers, division manoeuvre, instrument, separateners, activities and costs
• Analyse interdiplomatic traffic possible and risks restraint the interest
• Identify and exonerate single clarified interdiplomatic traffic and outspoken and exonerate an ship-produce manoeuvre restraint that traffic
• Draw on induced investigation of the domiciliary and ship-produce traffic, selecting factors that you reflect to be most bearing restraint the interest to cope domiciliaryally and interdiplomaticly
• Draw on bearing presumptive concepts from the INTB862 tract
• Manifestation appendices as needed to yield sustaining material
• Acapprehension total sources of notification
This impost must thrive the academic entireness guidelines certain in the Interest Programmes Impost and Study Handbook or the Law Programmes Impost and Study Handbook and manifestation the required investigation tract writing referencing mode. As separate of these guidelines, you must: enucleate your interest referableion yourself, enter-upon your have resolution and refertelling manifestation notification or referableions from any other impost.
Programme lore goals 1. Be self-aware, critically impercipient, and divine interdiplomatic interest negotiatives
2. Be powerful thinkers and problem-solvers
3. Be powerful communicators (written and traditional)
4. Be telling to direct interdiplomatic interest apprehension to issues in negotiative interdiplomatic interest manner
Tract lore fruit 1. Analyse the characteristics of SMEs and the implications restraint their interdiplomaticisation
2. Identify and critically evaluate SME interdiplomaticisation approaches
3. Compare and dissimilarity approaches to manoeuvre and interdiplomaticisation by SMEs and start-ups, with that of multigeneral enterprises
4. Examine issues and opportunities restraint SMEs in contrariant general contexts
5. Analyse issues and approve best manner restraint SME ship-produceers

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