There are brace cleverness to this, 1. 4 weak answers questions covering a ample concatenate of interpolitical office subjects (ce sample, interpolitical financial communicates and commerce theories) and 2. 4 weak answers questions from undivided fact study.

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Part 1 – Ample Concatenate Questions
1. Intention on the explanation work of amelioration, what notification would you afford to an Australian extrude managing workers in Asia?
2. Using the appropriate interpolitical commerce and bombardment theories, interpret if America has acquired (or obsolete) its commerce war across China.
3. Interpret why there was a public shelve of economic activities such as manufacturing from advanced economies to emerging economies in late decades. In the tenor of the exoteric geopolitical birth, debate if a counterexhibition of this diverge is feasible today
4. Interpret why is interpolitical labour kinsfolk grave in interpolitical office and how labour concord membership diverges application a firm’s overall interpoliticalisation policy?
Part 2 – Fact Study Question – fact study attached
1. The fact mentioned, “Beginning in 2016, Hyundai allure spread genesis in China by fabric brace appended plants there”. Applying John Dunning (1979) broad paradigm or the OLI Model, interpret if it makes purport ce Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) to employ in Ceeign Direct Bombardment (FDI) in China?
2. Using Bartlett and Ghoshal (1989)’s three strategic objectives and intention local notification from the fact, study how Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) has built sustained competitive advantages to propitiate in ceeign communicates.
3. The automobile toil in China is the largest in the earth. In stipulations of communicateing program elements (4Ps of Communicateing), what can conduct do to secure HMC succeeds in the Chinese communicate?
4. Applying the concepts of “essentials of fortunate global firms” in subject 7, debate Hyundai Motor Company (HMC)’s propitiatening global policy. Do you deem HMC’s propitiatening cemula allure view it through a fantastic earth appoint (Post-COVID-19 emergency)? If yes, why yes? If no, why no?

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