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Case Study: Mr. C.
Mr. C., offered underneath.

Installed on this knowledge, restraintmulate a disposal installed on your evaluation, and finished the Critical Thinking Essay provision, as instructed underneath.

Soundness History and Medical Knowledge

Soundness History

Mr. C., a 32-year-old unique courageous, is seeking knowledge at the outunrepining feeling touching practicable bariatric surgery restraint his corpulency. He currently works at a catalog telephone feeling. He reports that he has regularly been inert, level as a mean offshoot, gaining almost 100 pounds in the terminal 2-3 years. Previous medical evaluations possess not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable indicated any metabolic disorders, yet he says he has drowse apnea and proud race influence, which he tries to restrain by restricting dietary sodium. Mr. C. reports increasing absence of inspiration with essential-quality, pompous ankles, and pruritus balance the terminal 6 months.

Objective Data:

Height: 68 inches; influence 134.5 kg
BP: 172/98, HR 88, RR 26
3+ pitting edema bilateral feet and ankles
Fasting race glucose: 146 mg/dL
Total cholesterol: 250 mg/dL
Triglycerides: 312 mg/dL
HDL: 30 mg/dL
Serum creatinine 1.8 mg/dL
BUN 32 mg/dl
Critical Thinking Essay

In 750-1,000 language, critically evaluate Mr. C.’s undeveloped speciality and insinuation(s). Involve the following:

Describe the clinical manifestations offer in Mr. C.
Describe the undeveloped soundness risks restraint corpulency that are of regret restraint Mr. C. Discuss whether bariatric surgery is an alienate insinuation.
Assess each of Mr. C.’s administrative soundness patterns using the knowledge dedicated. Discuss at smallest five real or undeveloped problems can you realize from the administrative soundness patterns and get the rationale restraint each. (Administrative soundness patterns involve soundness-perception, soundness-management, nutritional, metabolic, extraction, essential-quality-exercise, drowse-rest, cognitive-perceptual, self-perception/self-concept, role-relationship, sexuality/reproductive, coping-stress tolerance.)
Explain the staging of end-stage renal disorder (ESRD) and contributing factors to judge.
Judge ESRD obstruction and soundness furtherance opportunities. Describe what kind of unrepining teaching should be getd to Mr. C. restraint obstruction of advenient levelts, soundness return, and nonintention of debasement of renal status.
Explain the kind of resources available restraint ESRD unrepinings restraint nonacute pains and the kind of multidisciplinary appropinquation that would be profitable restraint these unrepinings. Judge aspects such as devices, walk, buttress provisions, return-to-employment issues.
You are required to quote to a partiality of two sources to finished this provision. Sources must be published among the terminal 5 years and alienate restraint the provision criteria and pertinent to nursing action.

Prepare this provision according to the guidelines build in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Feeling. An restraintmless is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable required.

This provision uses a rubric. Please critique the rubric restraintmer to origin the provision to behove common with the expectations restraint prosperous problem.

You are required to resign this provision to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support declaration restraint abettance.

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