Fashion a primitive draw of your Peculiar Point Declaration Cognate to Your Academic Goals. 
Coercion this assignment you earn fashion a draw that earn be qualified throughout the semester.

Your decisive Peculiar Point Declaration is attributable in Module 8.  
Your decisive Peculiar Point Declaration earn be measured using the Peculiar Point Declaration Rubric.  

The Starting Point coercion Your Primitive Draw
Read through the aftercited prompts and aim to rejoinder them established on your vulgar brains of your academic goals.

Why am I here in propaganda?
What do I rise to end upon completing my spell here?
What am I going to do occasion I’m here?
Which quality or certificate am I pursuing?
How crave do I ceesee to consider here established on my academic goals?
What professional scene do I rise to be a part of in the advenient?
How do my peculiar goals align with my success excellent(s)?
What is my responsibility in the education manner?
How earn I enucleate my skills and abilities?

Evaluating Your Primitive Draw
Use the rejoinders to the questions overhead, or to some of these questions, to transcribe your primitive draw. Your measure coercion your primitive draw earn be established on the aftercited criteria: 

Knowledge/Brains – Does your draw comprise information environing your academic point?
Thinking/Inquiry – Accept you defined areas where you can/scarcity to defy prefer?
Communication – Does your expression scarcity species? Are you expressive in your expression or do you scarcity further designation in your declaration?
Application – Accept you addressed some or most of the questions granted?

Your decisive peculiar point declaration is a 500 tidings written dissertation environing your academic goals cognate to your singular aptitudes, success aspirations, and singular interests. You do referable accept to accept 500 tidingss coercion your primitive draw.

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