Personal Values and Ethics

Coercion this discourse, you achieve standpoint on the collision of a Christian Cosmos-people-view and the kindred to psychology. If your cosmos-people-view is referable Christian, you should tranquil debate psychology from a orthodox perspective, excepting handle open to produce alternate opinions. In circumstance, there achieve slight be sundry opposed particular ideas and views about Christianity and psychology, smooth unarranged Christians. This is o.k., and achieve succor fabricate a improve discourse. Of continuity, retain to “disagree externally nature unsociable.”

Coercion this seminar discourse, criticism diverse codes of ethics and debate how humans contest to influenceion ethics in an defective cosmos-people with diverse influences. To do this, interpret Genesis chapters 1-3 as polite. Here, we interpret of the origins of humans, the unexceptionable elucidation (Garden of Eden) externally impurity and problems, a opposed coercionm of purposeing, the highest human-God and human-human relationships, and a vast transmute in whole of it when humans ruled to purpose, handle, and influence opposed than they were calculated.

As you interpret these chapters, referableice how the psychology of humans transmutes depending on their relationship with God, and their environment. Why do humans deficiency codes of ethics? Was our deficiency now any opposed than in the Garden (where they did bear at smallest some “rules”). Handle open to adduce other scriptures or sources into the discontinuity as polite if you shortness, and be unmistakable to interpretation and regard at smallest compressiveness of some of the codes of ethics.

Cite any and whole sources, including the codes of ethics you interpretation. [Hint: These should be cited with the coercionm as the maker in most cases.]

Coercion your unoccupied-time, here are the links to the APA and other codes of ethics.

APA: Immaterial Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct

American Psychiatric Association Medical Ethics (Note: This is coercion psychiatrists and referable the identical as the American Psychological Association)

American Counseling Association

American Association coercion Marriage and Family Therapy

American Association of Christian Counselors

The Belmont Report (The footing coercion sundry of the immaterial guidelines and principles in the codes and laws)

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