In this week’s PP I highlighted three discussions from Plato’s Crito (Parent, Benefactor, Tacit Agreement). After balbutiation the Crito, gladden exculpation every of the following:

(A) Which of these discussions do you discover most convincing?

(B) Choose single discussion and exhibit at meanest single discuss in help of it (i.e. Why susceptibility a discussable individual recognize it?).

(C) Raise an impediment to that corresponding discussion (to a feature tramp in that discussion), preamble wariness to demonstrate your impediment thoroughly.

(D) This week, I’d affect you to answer to another student’s column (if you are single of the principal to column, you may scarcity to stop end in with the consideration this weekend). Your replication should be encircling the gratified of the column, as irrelative to “Hey, I affect your column!” (though you can surely affirm that too).

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