Read Chapters 4,5,7,& 8

1. Why Dopamine is referable an conducive tenor for Parkinson’s disorder?
2. Membrane undeveloped
3. When a neuron is at a hanging declare is said to be?
4. Ion channels
5. Sodium potassium pump
6. EPSPs
7. IPSPs
8. Where your possession undevelopeds commence?
9. When the purpose of the promotion complexion of an possession undeveloped occurs?
10. Define an Absolute mutinous end.
11. Neurotransmitters are frequently stored in
12. Where the interview cortex is located?
13. Define Apraxia
14. Location of the chief somatosensory cortex and its deep business.
15. Define Astereognosia.
16. FMRI
17. EEG
18. What happens when your cerebellum gets injured?
19. The supplementary motor area and the premotor cortex
20. When a neuron normally fires?

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