Thus far, we have learned that the Supreme Court is a political branch and can either be an instrument of presidential policymaking or a hindrance. For this assignment, I would like you to pick a particularly controversial Supreme Court case from the list provided. Then, I would like you to pick a single president and research their actions and efforts to influence policy on the topic of that particular case. You need to justify why you have selected your president (i.e. it cannot be a random selection. The President must have strong views on the case and acted to influence it). Be sure to answer the following questions in the assignment: 1. What is the president’s stance on the case? 2. How did the president attempt to implement or thwart the policy? 3. What was the outcome? Be sure to note how the public (or the States) and Congress as well as the Court received the president’s actions. Controversial SCOTUS cases 1. Brown v. Board of Education 2. Roe v. Wade 3. Miranda v. Arizona 4. Marbury v. Madison 5. District of Columbia v. Heller 6. Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 7. Plessy v. Ferguson 8. Bush v. Gore 9. Lawrence v. Texas 10. Dred Scott v. Sanford Formatting Rules: 1. Include a Title Page with the title, your name, course, and date. 2. Use 12 point, Times New Roman font with 1” margins, double-spaced. 3. Use primary and secondary sources (NO wikipedia, cracked, howstuffworks, etc.). a. Reputable news articles b. Books c. Published manuscripts 4. Use page numbers, but do not include the number on the first page. 5. Use in-text citation and include a Works Cited page. a. I do not care which citation style you use, just be consistent. 6. Use proper writing style, spelling, and grammar. 7. 4 pages text length, NOT including the title page and works cited. Due date is Wednesday, November 20, at the beginning of class. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~