Topic: Plague Vaccine

APA shapeat, in-text quotation, references enclose, 3 pages

Report on individual medical countermeasure (refuse or vaccine) in harvest and nearing acclaim.  Enclose the forthcoming in section shape, referable as a apology to each bullet.

What germinative bioterror embodiment is habituated by this countermeasure?
Briefly represent how the countermeasure works at the molecular smooth.
Where in harvest is the refuse or vaccine?
What clinical trials enjoy been manufactured?  Briefly incorporate their findings.
What is the compound of government and individual sector patronage consecrated to this countermeasure?
What is the feature of the corporation pliant the countermeasure?  Are they affiliated with a superior pharmaceutical fixed?  
Compare and dissimilarity your refuse’s harvest with that of Tecovirimat in conditions of governmental patronage (funding), regularity of acclaim, strategic stockpile, and symbol of interest.  
What, if anything, has been dindividual and could be dindividual to expedite the arrangement of refuse harvest?  

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