Planning for Instruction

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Planning for Instruction
Planning for Information Literacy (IL) instruction begins
with developing instructional goals, objectives, and expected learning
outcomes (ELOs). Identify a topic of your choice that would be
appropriate to a school media center and that would support student
acquisition of informational literacy skills.
In a three- to four-page paper (plus title and reference pages), include the following:Identify one clearly stated IL instructional goal and describe the intent of your instruction.Create at least two accompanying objectives for
your goal. Your objectives should describe student behaviors to be
learned that would demonstrate attainment of your chosen goal. In other
words, what will your learners be able to do as a result of
participating in your instruction?Describe the ELOs (in observable, measurable
terms) for each of the written objectives. Make sure that you have
described the performance, conditions, and criteria of success for each
one. What will the learners do to convince you that they have attained
each objective and thus have achieved the instructional goal?
Utilize your text and at least one additional scholarly
source. Remember to use proper APA format and cite your sources