Need 500 tundivided and APA format

Please contemplate this video join antecedently ordinance 4:46 Min length:

A assemblage’s media and capabilities are sound to achieving sustainable competitive utility. Refer to your Thompson (2020) readings and the required videos. For this ordinance, judge your have assemblage or undivided that you perceive well-behaved.

Develop your separation by responding to the subjoined questions:

· What are the assemblage’s most grave media and why?

· What are the assemblage’s most grave capabilities and why?

· How do the assemblage’s most grave media and capabilities engender perpetual competitive utility?

· Relate your vindication to each of the over to our mannerwork (Thompson quotation) from this week.

Submission Details: 

Ø Your separation must be driven by facts, examination, and basis.

Ø Your separation should be 500 tundivided or near.

Ø Incorporate a insufficiency of at meanest undivided manner (our quotation) and undivided non-manner scholarly/peer reviewed beginning in your tract. All written ordinances must understand a coverage page, commendatory and ultimate paragraphs, intimation page, double-spaced and equitable in-quotation citations using APA guidelines.

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