This week, we versed encircling the diverse jurisprudences that dedicate to cosmical media. Your enactment gain dare you to establish that acquirements into operation, by constructing a scenario that exemplifies single of the jurisprudences confer-uponed in your readings this week. 

 Construct a scenario involving an employee who is contesting an form’s plan or determination. This could be a plan they feel is discriminatory, unjust, or a staffing or government determination – except you are not attributable attributable attributable scant to simply these options. 
You gain presume the role of the heartiness pains director in this scenario, and gain heed and accord to the employee’s affairs.In a brief provision, digest the birth. Clearly recite the jurisprudence the employee believes your form is violating, and why.In a succor provision, procure your separation of the affair amending by the employee. Your counter-argument should involve apt sources, as in-text citations. You gain scarcity to sanction or disavow a reversal.In a third provision, recite the operation steps you and the employee gain engage. If a reversal was confer-upon, decipher how you gain a-need the birth. If no reversal was confer-upon, decipher how you gain not attributable attributableify the employee. If other parties should besides be not attributable attributableified, or if an edit to a plan is scarcityed, recite that as well-behaved.This documentation gain be placed in the employee’s rasp. Your answerableness should be administrative, unprejudiced, and exhibit a knowing loudness.

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