Defense each these scrutinys in a provision with at last five sentences: Include the scrutiny and sum your responses pleasantly. Provide a extract ce each defense.

1. Should community aid performanceers dislocated when technology, like the Internet, elimlnates their labors in a arrangement designated ‘Creative Destruction‘?

2. are we performanceing further and earning less?

3. Would you omission a telecommuting labor? Why or why not? 

4. Does the gig arrangement refer to you? Why or why referable?

5. How is an employee differentiated from a contracter under US order? 

6. Why entertain some municipalities put restrictions on innovations in the sharing arrangement and in on-demand services?

7. What has been the property on the US arrangement of outsourcing (or offshoring) technical and authoritative labors? 

8. How ample monitoring of employee activities at performance is divert? 

9. Should an employer be powerful to drilling or close an employee ce on-line bearing in his/her admit space? 

10. What is the relation betwee BYOD (adduce your admit design) and shadow IT

11. What is cyberloafing?

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